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Pregnancy period

5 Dangerous Things to Avoid When You are Pregnant

Nothing is more important to an expecting mother than the safety and well-being of her unborn child. With due care, a mom-to-be can prevent complications that may arise in pregnancy by avoiding certain potential risks. Continue reading to learn about the five things pregnant women must avoid at all costs to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

1. Abdominal x-rays:

Abdominal x-rays are not recommended during pregnancy. This type of x-ray exposes the mother's abdomen and, as a result, the baby's rapidly growing cells to high doses of radiation, which can induce alterations in the baby's cells. As a result, the baby's chances of developing birth abnormalities or developing some cancers later in life, such as leukemia, increase dramatically. X-rays should be avoided unless required. If your doctor deems it necessary, you can take X-rays of areas other than your belly while wearing an abdominal lead shield.

2. Alcohol:

During pregnancy, all forms of alcohol must be avoided. Alcohol consumption during these nine months has been linked to a number of birth abnormalities, including stunted growth, learning impairments, and mental retardation. In the worst-case scenario, heavy alcohol use during pregnancy can result in foetal alcohol syndrome, or fas, which has a significant impact on the unborn child's mental development and physical growth, notably of the face and skull. You must also stop smoking.

3. Illicit or recreational drugs:

Marijuana, cocaine, and other recreational substances are once again strictly prohibited during pregnancy. Birth deformities in the pregnant kid, poor growth, and even withdrawal symptoms in the neonate after birth are all consequences of these factors.

4. Medicines:

Because a growing baby's metabolism differs significantly from that of an adult, it's critical to be certain about the medicines you take while pregnant. This is particularly true during the first trimester, or the first three months of pregnancy when the foetus is at its most vulnerable. Some drugs are considered safe for babies, while others are possibly dangerous. As a result, before taking any medication while pregnant, you should always check your doctor.

5. Stress:

Stress can lead to a variety of health issues, which are harmful to both the baby and the mother. According to studies, the infant is also affected by the mother's emotional surroundings. A study found that any type of stress, whether related to employment or induced by tension in relationships, can have an impact on a child's mental development. As a result, the kid may acquire behavioral disorders such as anxieties and phobias, which may persist well into adulthood.

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