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Parents, Here are 7 American Movies You Should Not Allow your Children to Watch

Movie Actors and Actresses have cultivated the habit of going the extra mile just to play out their character well in most movies. Sometimes they go beyond most of our expectations just to play their role in the movie. This is why not all movies are good for children nowadays because they go to try some of them which has several adult scenes and violence.

In this article, I am to be talking about some American movies, Parents should not allow their children to watch.

1. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is another American movie that has a lot of story and action. The stars really did a great work playing out the roles in their movies. But one thing with the Game of Thrones film is that the characters really went the extra mile to play their roles in the movie. Their adult scenes were real and not fit for a person below 18 years old. It also has a couple of violent scenes as well.

2. Spartacus

Spartacus is another movie that can be ranked as a high class movie with numerous characters and a lot of stories as well. The actors no doubt played their roles so well and portrayed the story perfectly in the movie. Because of the numerous Adult and violent scenes in the Spartacus movie, it became inappropriate for children to watch.

3. Pirates of Caribbean

The Pirates of Caribbean is another movie that went quite far with it's scenes. Just to portray it's story well in the movie and play out the characters given to them, the actors went the extra mile of playing their adult roles well in the movie making it unfit for any kid to watch in a movie.

4. Power

Power is another awesome movie that talked about political and social crimes. It talked about the struggle of a particular man at his struggle to the top of the country. For the character to be played out, the stars really went the extra miles to play their roles well in the movie. Their adult scenes were so real that children will surely be influenced, if they were to watch it.

5. Strike Back

Strike Back is another movie that wrote scripts and played out those scripts to perfection. The adult and violent scenes in Strike Back made it inappropriate for kids to view.

6. Survival Island

Survival Island is another movie that has a lot of drama and struggle but didn't allow it to have quite intense adult scenes in the movie and also a good number of violent scenes appeared on the movie which made it quite inappropriate for kids.

7. P Valley

P valley is a 2020 movie that talk about a casino and money a lot. It also has adult scenes in this article was really played out well.

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