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IK Ogbonna's Son, "Ace" Enjoys His Mother's Company As She Picks Him Up From School (Photos)

Basically, school run is a daily obligation that avails the parents of the opportunity of taking and bringing back their kids or wards from school after the school stress.

Children are always very happy and relaxed when they see their parents come individually to pick them up from school, just the way Ace's mother, Sonia is doing today.

Just few minutes ago, IK Ogbonna's son is seen enjoying a ride with his mother as she picks him up from school. The excitement in his face goes a long way to show how he appreciates being picked up from school by his mother.

Just so we know, not all parents subscribe to school idea of their kids riding on school buses. Some have this notion that their kids are always safer in their hands.

As result, they prefer going for school runs until their kids come of age. Ace is just 6 years old, and still tender to be left on his own.

See photos below as they enjoy each other's company as while heading home from school:

Photo credit: Instagram

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