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Pregnancy period

Signs of miscarriage pregnant women should pay attention to

Every sexually active couple needs to recognise the signs of miscarriage.The reason is, not a few couples realise that a woman is having a miscarriage when she bleeds after her period has been delayed for some time.

According to ClevelandClinic, miscarriage is most likely to occur in the first three months or early trimester of pregnancy.

However, it does not rule out the possibility of a miscarriage occurring after 20 weeks of gestation. Here are some signs of miscarriage that should not be underestimated:

1. Bleeding

Launching Today's Parent, the first characteristic of miscarriage is bleeding or bleeding from the vagina.

Indeed, not all bleeding is related to miscarriage. Light bleeding or spots generally occur in the early trimester of pregnancy. But, be aware if the bleeding starts in the form of light spotting, then continues to bleed heavily like during menstruation.

The bleeding is usually bright red or fresh blood, not brownish.

2. Cramping

In addition to bleeding, be aware if pregnant women experience cramps or abdominal contractions. Sometimes, cramps can also be a sign of false contractions ahead of labour.

Pregnant women should be suspicious if the cramps or contractions appear stronger or feel very painful. Quite often, these cramps start with back pain.

3. Stomach feels like being stabbed constantly

During pregnancy, it is normal for pregnant women to occasionally feel aches and pains in the abdomen and surrounding areas. However, the stomach feels sharp and persistent pain because it could be a sign of miscarriage.

This pain can be caused by the growing uterus pushing on other organs and stretching the tendons. This can trigger pain and discomfort in pregnant women.

4. No nausea or other signs of pregnancy

At the beginning of pregnancy, pregnant women commonly feel morning sickness such as nausea and severe vomiting as a sign of pregnancy.

This early pregnancy discomfort usually subsides after 12 weeks of pregnancy when hormonal changes are no longer significant.

Other signs of pregnancy include tender breasts, fatigue, and frequent urination. Every pregnant woman needs to carefully understand the signs of pregnancy she is experiencing and consult a doctor if she no longer feels it.

If pregnant women feel the signs of miscarriage above, do not delay to consult a doctor. Especially if pregnant women have had a history of miscarriage before.

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