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How To Make Your Kids Enjoy And Cherish Your Presence As A Dad

As a father, before you can call yourself a good dad, you have to be sure that your children are satisfied with your actions towards them. Are you the kind of dad that scares away his children? Do your children feel more comfortable when you are away? Do they miss your presence when you are not around? This brings us to the question, what kind of dad are you to your children?

As a dad, your responsibility is not limited to providing food and paying the bills. How you make your kids feel matters a lot. If you don't pay attention to your children, they may not know your value. That is why in many families, children love their mother more than their father. If you want your children to value and enjoy your presence, below are what you need to do.

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1. Always buy something for them when coming home.

Children are always happy when you buy them something on your way home. If you do this often,you will create the desired bond for good rapport with your children. They will like and love you. When you are not around, they will begin to miss you.

2. Do house chores with them.

This may sound awkward, but it is one of the many ways to build strong connection with your children, especially if you are the busy type. In one of your free times, help the children with house chores. It won't reduce your position as a father, rather, your children will be free with you. They will come to understand your importance to them.

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3. Play with them.

Playing with your children is what you will enjoy so much. It gives joy, builds strong connection between you and your kids, and it will also serve as a form of exercise. Do not take playing with your children for granted.

4. Watch cartoon with them.

Apart from playing with your kids, you can watch movies with them, preferably, cartoons. Kids love cartoons, therefore, as a good dad, you need to watch cartoons with them even if you don't enjoy watching it.

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5. Teach them and do their homework with them.

Do not keep your children in the hands of their teachers. Be their teacher at home. When you are free, kindly teach your children. Do their homework with them. They will understand your importance as their dad if you do this often.

6. Eat with them.

This may not happen every day, but once in awhile, eat together with your children. Teach them table manners and how to use cutleries.

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7. Pet them to sleep.

Pet your children to sleep whenever you are around. After eating with them in the night, teach them, tell them stories or sing for them, watch cartoons with them for some minutes, then make them to sleep. When they are asleep, take them to their room. If you do this, their love for you will increase.

As you do the above, you are boosting the love in your marriage. This will also make your marriage more healthy and enjoyable.

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