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Opinion: Why Etinosa's decision to stop childbearing because of death should be respected.

There are situations that make people take different decisions in their lives. Sometimes, these decisions can be due to some negative or positive resultant effects from other things that have happened to them.

It is equally better to decide what to do specifically, in order to have a guide towards a decision. Death is one of the painful things that trigger some kinds of decisions. People have different ways of responding to the news of death. To some people, it is normal and inevitable, but to others, it is the worst pain and agony of life losing a loved one.

Etinosa who is a Nollywood actress and a mother of one, has decided after announcing the death of her father, that she will not have herself giving birth again. She said this after lamenting on how painful it is losing a loved one. She claimed that it would be so hard to watch someone so dear, die. Therefore, the best way to avoid this pain is to keep off from childbearing.

It is from the effect of her father's loss that she took this decision, which is a way to show how she handles such pain. A lot of people have been reacting to her decision in many ways, but in my opinion, it is better she takes responsibility of her decision without people interfering.

Phycologically, this decision may have deposited in her, so much fear that she may no longer stand the pain of childbirth having the same concept that bringing forth a child is nothing but preparing the child for death which according to her is a curse.

However, I suggest that her decision be respected since it seems to her like the only remedy to the pain caused by death. Let the decision be hers to either maintain or switch. This is to equally justify the claim that people are entitled to their opinions because they take responsibilities of any effect the opinion brings.

Image source: all images in the article were sourced from Etinosa's Instagram handle.

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