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Pregnancy period

Can you have your period when pregnant?

During pregnancy, you are will be unable to have a menstrual cycle because you do not ovulate once you have conceived. Your body makes the uterine lining every month, preparing your uterus for a prospective pregnancy and if you do not become pregnant during that month, the lining is shed as part of your menstrual cycle.

During pregnancy, you may experience vaginal bleeding, but this is not due to the menstrual cycle. However, bleeding during pregnancy can be caused by many factors and it is not easy to determine if they are harmless or dangerous so if you experience bleeding during pregnancy, contact your doctor immediately.

Here are few reasons why you might experience bleeding during pregnancy

1 Uterine ruptureExcessive vaginal bleeding can occur if the uterine muscles split or tear during labor and it is more likely to occur in women who have had a C-section or other uterus surgery in the past.

2 Placental abruption 

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This occurs when the placenta separates from the uterus before the baby is delivered and it results in bleeding. This incident is most common in the second trimester of pregnancy.

3 Changes in the cervix

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The cervix softens during early pregnancy as more blood reaches the cervix due to rising estrogen levels in the body and any pressure on the cervix could result in spotting.

 4 Implantation bleeding

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When the fertilized egg implants into the uterine lining two weeks after conception it causes implantation bleeding and women may mistake this spotting for a period because it happens around the same time as their regular cycle. However, this bleeding is milder and lasts for fewer days than period bleeding.

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