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Pregnancy period

Check the foods pregnant women should avoid and 5 nutritious foods to eat during pregnancy

Motherhood is a state of everlasting joy, the joy of having children although the process may be stressful at the onset which is normal. This state of joy usually commence when the woman get pregnant and extend till the birth of the baby, taking care of them till they grow to become responsible individuals. 

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Therefore, pregnant women should always take care of themselves by visiting clinics to monitor the child development, taking care of themselves and most importantly they should try and eat healthy foods.

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 Many pregnant women have forgotten or did not even know what food to avoid or eat during pregnancy period, we will remind you in this article. 

Some of the foods pregnant women should avoid are:

1. Foods and drinks that contain high sugar

2. Fatty foods

3. Alcohol

4. Junk foods

5. Liver which may not be good for the growing fetus because of its high content of vitamin A.

Nevertheless, pregnant women can still enjoy many foods, let us check 5 out of them.

1. Lean meats

Studies revealed that lean meats are beneficial to pregnant women. It is a rich source of proteins and also supply necessary vitamins and minerals for the growth of the fetus. Lean meats can be gotten from animals such as goat meat, chicken, turkey etc. It should be noted that the meat should be well cooked before eating.

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2. Beans

Beans especially black eyed are very good for pregnant mothers. Example of such beans is Bambara peas also known as okpa. It is a good source of plant protein and folate which is essential for the child development.

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3. Fish 

Fish contains Omega 3 and a level of proteins required for the development of the pregnancy. However, fish that contain a high mercury level should be avoided. 

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4. Milk 

Milk and other dairy products produces calcium for the baby which is necessary for the growth of bones and teeth.

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5. Egg

This is a very important food for a pregnant woman. It contains choline which helps in the child brain development.

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