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Lady reveals what the doctor said was inside her 6-year-old child 's tummy that looks like pregnancy

Everybody in this world is facing one challenge to another, and such challenges could be sickness, marital, family, and so on. In this article, I will be sharing with you a story of a six-year-old girl who has a damaged heart which led to the leaking of fluid into her stomach causing her stomach to be swollen. The mother of the girl was interviewed by Afrimax English, and she narrated how it all happened. According to her, she said;

"My name is Celestine, and my 6-year-old daughter's name is Olga. When I gave birth to my daughter, Olga, she was healthy and strong. When my daughter clocked 2 years, I enrolled her into school for her to be educated. One faithful morning, my daughter came to me and said that she has a stomach ache, that she cannot go to school. I told her to stay back and sleep. My husband and I never take our daughter's stomach ache so serious because we felt that it was a minor case.

Photos of Celestine and her husband

"As time goes on, I started noticing that my daughter's stomach started getting bigger each day that passes by. I tried taking her to the hospital for the doctors to check what was wrong with her, but all the hospitals I took my daughter to are all expensive. Since my husband and I don't have any money for our daughter's treatment, we brought her back home. My daughter has been in pain with her swollen stomach for the past four years.

"A group of generous people that was sent by God came to my house and gave me a huge amount of money for my daughter to be taken to Italy for her to undergo surgery. When my daughter was taking to Italy, the doctors carried out a series of tests on her, and they discovered that one part of my daughter's heart was damaged, which was responsible for my daughter's swollen stomach. To God be the glory, my daughter has been operated on, and I hope she will get better soon".

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My advice to parents: please, anytime your son or daughter complains to you about his/her health, don't see it as a minor thing. Make sure you take your child to the hospital as early as possible. Don't wait until the sickness becomes worst, which might cause more damages. Remember that health is wealth. 

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