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5 Mistakes Most Parents Make When Training Their Children

The reason why the world is the way it is today, is as a result of lack of good parental guidance. Many parents train their children in the wrong way. They instill fear instead of friendship and love in the heart of their children to the extent that their children feel better seeking advice from strangers than from their own parents. Here are some of the wrong things some parents do when training their children.

1) Comparing their children to their age mates : This is one big mistake some parents make. They forget that destinies are different and because a child is not doing well today doesn't mean he will not do well tomorrow. Comparison kills a child morale for learning and education. In fact, it can cause low self-esteem and even lead to depression. He may start feeling that his friends are better than him and this may push him to the wrong path.

2) Pampering male children and leaving the female children to do all the work at home : This is bad because it can make the male children to turn lazy. They may also grow up with the wrong mentality that house chores are to be done by women alone. Such a child will also find it difficult to help his wife when he gets married and may have the wrong orientation that women belong to the kitchen.

3) Insults and excessive flogging : Some parents make it a habit of insulting and raining curses on the children. This is wrong because such curses can negatively affect the child's future. Always speak good things into the life of your child no matter how stubborn that child may seem. Also, don't just flog your child excessively without giving them any valuable pieces of advice.

4) Giving them the wrong orientation about intimacy : Teach your children about their sensitive body parts from a young age. Don't camouflage it with words. Tell them the real thing so they do not get the wrong counsel outside.

5) Choosing career for their children : This is very wrong. Parents should know what their children like and not force them into a line of study that they have no passion for, so that such a child will not blame his or her parents or have regrets in future.

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