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God's purpose for you as his child here on earth

God is a loving God who desires that all hiss children be in health and prosper. He desires that you should be fulfilled here on earth even as you work circumspectly towards making heaven.

Below are some characteristics of God that should endear him to you and give you confidence to know that he indeed loves you and wishes the best for you here in earth.

First is that God is too wise to be mistaken. He knows the thoughts he has towards you and they are thoughts if good not if evil.

Secondly, God is too good to be unkind. He genuinely loves you and is too good and living to want to see you fail or stumble.

So when you don't understand all these but don't see his plan or feel you can trace his hand in your life and situation, just trust and believe that he's got you covered indeed 

When you don't see His plan, trust him

When you can't trace His hand, believe in him still

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