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How Fathers Can Improve Their Relationship With Their Daughters

The relationship between a father and daughter is the daughter’s first lesson on how to interact with the opposite sex. If the father is kind and gentle with the daughter, she will expect this treatment from her future relationships. Conversely, if the father treats the daughter poorly, the daughter will think it is ok if other males treat her that way.

In a situation where the Father-Daughter relationship is dying, here are some helpful tips which fathers can use to improve their relationship their daughters:

1st step: Figure out her love language. Is it acts of service? Help her with her homework, or fix her leaking roof. Is it physical touch? Hug her like its the last time you will see her. Is it words of affirmation? Tell her you are proud of her and you are blessed to be her dad.

2nd Step: Figure out why your relationship is distant. Did you do something to hurt her feelings? If so, talk about it and resolve the issue. Did you abondon her? Let her know you are sorry for being a bad father, explain your actions in full truth.

Now if she is a teenager or preteen, dont waste your time, those things are loaded with hormones and are deadly when reckoned with. Just wait till she grows up. And if you are really ready on resolving this issue, my best advice is to go have that conversation with any brick wall of your choice, listen to what it tells you carefully because thats the same response you will get from your daughter. Trust me just wait all good things come in time.

3rd Step: Try to connect with her in a hobby that the both of you enjoy. Like go fishing or go get a manicure or pedicure together on a spa day.

Bottom line: I could give more advice if I knew what was wrong. Age, issue and willingness to communicate are vital factors in improving this relationship.

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