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Is This World Really Coming To The End? See What These Kids Are Doing But No One Talk About It

Is this world really coming to the end?

A question of the heart that we really need to ask ourselves every morning we wake up. A lot had been going on around while we watch it, but what most people are going to gain from those things matters a lot to them than how it will affect them in the future time.

These are pictures of two young kids dancing, in a birthday party, while the adults are there watching and videoing them. Are they really teaching the kids how to dance or corrupting their minds?

Are these the signs said in the holy books that when it is time for the world to end a lot will be happening right in front of us but won't be able to say anything about it.

picture of the kids.

I keep on wondering if my thoughts were to be true, since lots of things are already happening which is being said in the holy book.

What do you to think about this, is the world really coming to the end?

Below are more pictures of the kids.

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