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Pregnancy period

5 Fruits You Should Avoid During Pregnancy

Some fruits are not friendly or ideal for pregnant women. The pregnancy period is a delicate and crucial period because the mother and child deserves the best nutrient needed for growth and development. In this article, the fruits you should avoid during pregnancy according to firstcry parenting will be discussed

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Fruits To Avoid During Pregnancy:

1 Banana: This fruit is not recommended for women who suffer from allergies, diabetes etc. It is known to generate or increase heat in the body due to a known allergen called chitinase which is not ideal for the mother and child.

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2 Date: It should be avoided during pregnancy

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3 Pawpaw: Unripe or raw pawpaw contains latex which is capable of inducing premature contraction.This can be dangerous to your baby.

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4 Water melon: It should be avoided during the period of pregnancy

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5 Pineapple: It contains certain enzymes that can alter the cervix texture which can induce premature contraction.

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