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3 types of foods that can help your kids gain healthy weight

It is a normal thing for children to gain weight when they eat nourishing foods, but it may be surprising to see that it is not so in some children. Underweight is not good and may be due to some reasons such as vomiting, gastrointestinal disorder and other health challenges which can be detected by health practitioners.

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However, you can give your kids nourishing foods so that they can gain healthy weight without becoming obese. It is important to feed your kids with all classes of food in the right proportion and let them drink enough water for the food to digest. Below are some food suggestions you can give your little ones.

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1. Fats and oils

Children need fats and oils more than adults so as to make them grow healthily. When giving children fat related foods, it is important to consider edible fats such as avocado, butter and olive oil.

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2. Carbohydrates

Carbohydrate foods give energy to the body. Rice, sweet potatoes, corn, oats and pasta are good examples.

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3. Proteins

Proteins can also be referred to as body building foods. Children need more proteins than adults because they are in the growing stage. Fish, eggs and nuts are examples of proteinous foods you can give to your little kids.

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Reference: Healthline


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