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Pregnancy period

'Will You Allow Him? He Rejected The Pregnancy And Came Back After 17 Years To Claim The Child' - Lady asks her audience online

Pregnancy is a thing of joy and the upbringing of a child is the responsibility of both parents. However child rearing becomes difficult when for one reason or another the mother is solely responsible for the every day needs of a child, financially, emotionally, morally, educationally and otherwise. In a post shared by instablog, the question of why a father will try and claim a child he has abandoned for 17 years has been causing reactions on Twitter.

In the post, a lady who is seeking for public opinion pointed out that if a man comes back to claim a child he has abandoned for 17 years, as a lady will you allow him?

The post has generated a lot of mixed reactions on Twitter, some argued that since the man rejected the child's pregnancy then he's not qualified to be called the father. Others say unless DNA test proves otherwise, that he's still the father of the child. See reactions below;

A big shout-out to all the single mothers out there, the truth is, most runaway fathers don't have the slightest clue about what raising a child alone feels like. Raising a child as a single mother comes with a lot of pressure. When a man denies his child, the woman is left all alone, and most time she blames herself for the pregnancy and for sleeping with the man in the first place. The first thought may even be to terminate the pregnancy because the woman could be thinking about how she is going to raise the child all by herself and how her family will react to the pregnancy news.

Imagine overcoming the pressure and taking up the responsibility to take good care of the child for 17 years without support, only for the father to turn up out of the blue asking for his son. Put yourself in the lady's situation and tell us what you would do instead.

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