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Every Teacher Deserves A Good Reward For These 3 Simple Reasons

Teaching is a noble profession and the fact that sometimes, the destiny of our children lies in their hands makes the job a sensitive one. Teachers are modellers, they set both the pace and the standards our children keep. Most times, the foundation they lay determines the pathway our children ultimately settle for. 

No Wonder a certain writer and an educationist by name Valentine Uchechukwu Ndukwu said that apart from the television, social media and religious dogmata, another powerful influence that charts the course for our children are the teachers in whose care and support we leave them. Honestly, I cannot agree less. Because the current school curricula which are aligned to either montessori standards or international standards have been designed in such a way our children spend more time with their teachers.

Interestingly, this piece of writing is designed to pour a commendable measure of encomium on teachers who go out to pass value and impact on lives through the art of teaching. The idea is, a teacher who is well paid and genuinely rewarded will discharge his or her duties satisfactorily and ultimately turn out to be a positive influence to the students. Hence, here are three reasons for which a teacher should be rewarded;

1. Teachers should be rewarded because of their sheer will power to patiently wait and inculcate values to students. In the 21st century, patience is a commodity that is already lost in the market of restlessness. But a teacher who is patience will always take his/her time to teach and wait until the complete cycle in the learning process is accomplished. 

2. Their uncommon ability to establish a relationship strategically so that they would have that enabling environment to teach is remarkable and worthy of reward. 

3. Ignorance breeds low self-esteem and this is unarguably what teachers stand against in their profession. They eliminate the demon called ignorance by installing knowledge and instilling confidence. 

Reportedly, research shows that 60% of students tend to copy their teachers. However, our major concern should equally be about the generation coming after us because the degree to which teachers influence our children (positively or negatively), is directly proportional to the degree and exact extent to which they would positively or negatively influence the generation coming after them. 

On the other hand, the teaching profession is not an easy task especially in such a time as this and in some parts of the world, where they are not regarded and some still believe that a teacher's reward is in heaven. Truly, a teacher's reward is in heaven but their appreciation begins here on earth.

A teacher's conduct and mannerism are the conduit that ensures the swift passage of learning to the students. It must not be altered with indecent dressing. 

Thanks for your time. 

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No Wonder Valentine Uchechukwu


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