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Pregnancy period

Mother and Baby: See The Best Foods To Eat During Pregnancy And Post Birth

As a pregnant mother, you are not just eating for yourself alone, you are now eating for two and it is important to get all the right nutrients for you and your baby need throughout each stage of your pregnancy and beyond.

Instead of you to keep eating food you don't need, you should rather eat food that will be helpful to you and your unborn child. At this stage of your life, you should be focusing more on food of more nutritional value to you and your child. So In this article, you are going to learn how to tailor your diet, and as at what stage of pregnancy, this new eating rules would be best for you and your baby. 

Th food you should eat more of now that you are pregnanct are; Spinach, Meat, Oily fish, Carrots, Milk, Mushrooms, Sesame seeds, Pumpkin. We are going to talk more on this just make sure you read till the end.

Certain nutrients are important during pregnancy to ensure everything ticks along nicely. Your body is working hard all the time which is why you probably feel pretty fed up and exhausted. It is possible to take vitamins or nutrient supplements during pregnancy but it is important to check with a doctor or pharmacist which is safe.

The early weeks

Greens vegetables are a great place to start, particularly spinach, as these are rich in folic acid. Also, vegetables could help ease early morning sickness, thanks to their high magnesium content. 

Weeks 4 - 12

At this stage, the babies heart starts to beat and his red blood cells are forming, so you should eat more of meat and oily fish but, if you don’t eat meat, drink orange juice with your meals to help with absorption.

Weeks 13 - 28

Food and veggies that is best at this stage includes carrots and other orange foods, such as sweet potatoes. 

Weeks 29 - 40

At this stage, spinach and other vegetable to your every meal, as they’re full of vitamin K, this will help your baby’s blood to clot.

Also drink lots of milk, to store reserves of calcium and magnesium for your baby.


Congratulations, at this stage your baby is here and it time to breast feed.

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