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Why We Should Teach Legal-Reasoning Skills to Children and Students

Law is regarded as a field in which you are either an expert or a total novice if you did not attend law school. Children and young people, of course, learn what regulations they must follow—and which laws they must oppose. However, this is hardly the type of legal education that will result in citizens who are engaged. Students should learn about the legal system and legal reasoning abilities in the same way that they learn other literacy and reasoning skills in school.

Primary and secondary education are intended to provide children with the skills they will need to be successful adults in the real world. Science, math, literature, and history provide students with academic understanding and analytic skills. Participating in sports teams and groups helps them build social skills. Students are learning the benefits of civic participation in today's social context, where foundations and charities such as the Obama Foundation are raising awareness and providing chances for civic knowledge and action. Even while involvement is stressed, there is no teaching on how to participate successfully. In the United States, law is almost never taught to anyone except prospective lawyers.

Students receive a legal education through learning how our judges and legislators operate inside a system. Students will be better equipped to participate effectively in the political and legal processes if they understand how judges analyze and determine cases, as well as how legislators collaborate to establish laws. The new normal has been demonstrated in recent battles between student activists advocating for the Green New Deal and experienced lawmakers who recognize the political complexities of adopting such legislation.

Children and young adults would like to be a part of social change, but they need to learn about the strategic prioritization of societal ideals and restrictions, budgeting, and persuasive bargaining that true democracy entails.

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