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Pregnancy period

How To Handle A Pregnancy Scare

A pregnancy scare is an uncertain reply of "probably not pregnant" or "probably pregnant". The term describes unintentional, unwanted, or unplanned pregnancy signs due to unprotected sex and defective contraceptive products. According to Healthline, here are tips in dealing with this time of your life which can cause great anxiety.

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1. Take Emergency Contraception pills

The EC pill delivers a lot of hormones to delay ovulation and prevent a fertilized egg from implanting in your uterus. These pills can be purchased over the counter, but some do need prescription.

2. Figure out how likely it is that you are pregnant. You can only get pregnant during ovulation, which is a period of 5 to 6 days per month. You may be overthinking or just generally scared.

3. Talk to someone you trust

You need not get through this time alone. Talk to a friend, partner, trusted figure, or a kind stranger if you have to.

4. Take a home pregnancy test

5. Check your menstrual cycle. Vet properly as to whether your period is just late. Irregular periods are common due to certain factors like increased stress level. A late or missed period doesn't necessarily imply you are pregnant.

6. Be on the look out for early pregnancy symptoms. Morning sickness, headaches, dizziness, tender and swollen breasts, increased urination, fatigue. Pay attention to what your body says.

7. Schedule an appointment with a healthcare practitioner. Irrespective of what a home pregnancy test reveals, you need to visit a healthcare practitioner. They will be able to reveal whether you are really pregnant through a blood test, ultrasound or both.

Source: Healthline

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