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4 Things You Might Not Know Babies Are Capable Of Doing

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Every parent knows the first year with a baby is both challenging and exciting. Your baby cries all the time, grabs their ears, and you have no idea what any of this means.

Luckily, some experts decoded some of their unique capabilities, which I'll be sharing with you in this article. This will help you to be able to communicate healthily with your baby.

1) Babies Can Sense Emotions

Babies are very sensitive to emotions, and they develop it very early in life. Within the first six months, they can recognize the difference between a happy expression, an angry, or a sad one. Whatever you do impacts your baby's brain in one way or the other. So, even if you're stressed out, take some time to centre yourself, so you can manage your emotions in front of your baby.

2) Babies Can Talk With Their Hands

Babies communicate from birth, through sounds like crying, facial expressions like smiling, and gestures/body movements like pointing. They usually use sign language before they begin to speak, which enables a baby to tell you what he wants, sees and hears. So, teaching your baby sign language enables you to communicate more effectively with your baby. 

3) Babies Can Recognize Faces

Most people will agree that babies love staring at faces. Studies have shown that even newborns, with their eyesight limited to about 12 inches, can recognize a face, and, in fact, prefer to look at faces, especially that of their mother, and are far more gifted than adults at picking out individual faces among a group of people.

4) Babies Can Respond To Music

Babies are totally musical, and they often react to songs with enthusiasm. Their hearing is well developed soon after birth, so they can respond to music very early on. You will most likely see them smiling when a favorite song is playing in the background, and some can even react by dancing to the tunes. This is totally healthy, and will in turn benefit his/her cognitive development.

What other adorable things do you think babies are capable of doing?

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