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Pregnancy period

How to avoid teratogens during pregnancy

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Teratogens are substances that might cause abnormal fetal development. They can be medications, chemicals, or even viruses. Teratogens can affect a baby from conception to delivery, but the first eight weeks of pregnancy are when they do the most damage.

There are some teratogens that are more dangerous than others. The severity of a teratogen's toxicity is determined by several factors including

1 Type: Alcohol and smoking, for example, have a more detrimental effect on a growing fetus than other teratogens.

2 Amount: The more a pregnant woman consumes a teratogen, the greater the risk to the fetus.

3 Time: The longer a fetus is exposed to a teratogen, the more dangerous the consequences are.

Here are ways you can avoid teratogens during pregnancy

1 Wash your hands regularly

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Develop a strict handwashing routine by keeping your hands clean. This helps you avoid diseases and chemical residues that could be harmful.

2 Use organic products

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Use organic cleaners and lawn care products in your home to reduce exposure to chemicals.

3 Avoid unpasteurized dairy products

Photo Credit: CDC

You are advised to avoid unpasteurized dairy products because they contain bacteria that might be harmful to your pregnancy.

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