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Pregnancy period

6 Reasons Why You Should Make Love With Your Wife/Husband During Pregnancy

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The thought of intimacy during pregnancy might be uncomfortable for some people while many people might have wondered if it's safe to be intimate during pregnancy. However, this article will help readers to understand the benefits of intimacy during pregnancy.

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Studies show that during the second trimester of pregnancy, most women have high intercourse drive due to the increase in blood flow and the production of certain hormones. Yet, fear of causing harm to the baby's and mother's health have restricted many parents from lovemaking and reduced the intimacy between partners.

Meanwhile, lovemaking during pregnancy offers the following benefits.

1. It can improve sleep

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The release of oxytocin at orgasm during lovemaking can help the body to relax and improve sleep.

2. It can lower blood pressure

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For pregnant women that may be experiencing high blood pressure(which may be dangerous to the baby and mother), lovemaking during pregnancy can trigger the release of some hormones that can lower blood pressure.

3. It can ease pain and relieve stress

During lovemaking, oxytocin(pain-relieving hormones) are usually released by the brain at orgasm, these hormones help the body to reduce back pain and increase pain tolerance of the body.

4. It can induce labor and ease delivery

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Regular lovemaking during pregnancy especially closer dates to labor can help to open the cervix, contract, and strengthen the pelvic muscles that can promote easy vaginal delivery.

5. It can aid circulation

Despite the blood circulation supply in the body, lovemaking increase the amount of oxygen and nutrients supplied to the fetus for growth and development due to the release of certain hormones like estrogen.

6. It can help to burn calories

Practitioners sometimes recommend lovemaking for some patients in other to help them burn excess calories that might have been gained during pregnancy. Lovemaking can also be considered a form of exercise.

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In addition, lovemaking can also help to boost mood, ease postpartum recovery, improve intimacy between partners, and improve self-confidence in delivering mothers. Lovemaking does not affect the baby's health due to the presence of the placenta, amniotic sac, and mucus plug that covers the cervix and protects the baby.

In light of this, husbands are encouraged not to deny their wives the care, love, affection, and intimacy they may seek in the bedroom during the duration of pregnancy.

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