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Checkout Pictures of how some Dads cope with their kids when they babysit

Baby sitting kids is one of the most difficult jobs in this modern dispensation, and it is seen mainly as a woman's job in most part of the world, because almost every husband is the break winner of the family and they are hardly at home, and most of them are into white collar jobs, where they work for between 8-12 hours daily, and they hardly have enough time for their kids.

Over 90% of Father's are bad at doing the job of babysitting. Checkout funny pictures of how some dad's managed to cope with their kids when they were left alone with kids in the absence of their wives:

1. A dad feeding two babies, with his eyes glued to the Laptop screen.

2 . This dad had different statements printed on two shirts, one for him, and the other for his kid. Read what was printed, and you will find out how hilarious it sounds.

3. A dad wore an oversized Military uniform on his child.

4. A dad using his mouse on his kid's buttocks.

5. A stressed out Dad sill-tapped his daughter to the wall, so that he could get some sleep.

6. A kid sill-tapped by his dad, so the dad could watch TV

7. A dad operating his PC with his kid in a baby-bag

8. A dad dressed for winter with his kid

9. A baby clipped to a baby sit so that he doesn't stand up

10. A baby's trouser tied to the bed, so he doesn't leave the room

11. A Dad throws his kid up in a playful manner in order to catch him.

Do you have any childhood experience with your dad, especially when your were left alone with him?

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