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Pregnancy period

When to have sex if you want to become pregnant.

A woman can get pregnant when the reproductive cell of the male swims up through her private organ and fertilizes an egg in the fallopian tube. It occurs in the hours or days after you have unprotected intercourse. After you get pregnant, the fertilized egg gets implanted into the womb and pregnancy starts.

According to a Cleveland Clinic publication as regards when to have intercourse when you want to get pregnant, it was noted that pregnancy can happen in a woman after she has unprotected intercourse as early as five days before an egg is released from her ovary. This is because some elements of the male reproductive cell can stay that long inside female reproductive organs.

If you’re trying to become pregnant, the best times to have intercourse are:

• In the 3 days before you ovulate: Under this circumstance, the male reproductive cell will be waiting for the egg to come down the fallopian tube.

• At ovulation or within 24 hours of ovulating: Your egg stays for only twenty-four hours, so if you have intercourse without the use of protection during this period, your egg may end up waiting for the male reproductive cell to reach it, or they may meet with each other in the fallopian tubes.

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