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How to manage baby acne

When your baby is around two to three weeks old you may notice acne on your baby's face. There is usually no reason to be scared because this is a condition that affects roughly 40% of all babies and is normally unproblematic.

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This disorder is also known as milk rash or new born acne and it causes red or yellowish lumps that look like teen acne on your baby's face. This condition mostly affects the face, particularly the cheeks and forehead, and sometimes it can also be found on the chin or back of some babies.

 How to manage baby acne

When your child develops baby acne, the best thing you can do is nothing because the illness will resolve on its own. However, if you feel compelled to act, consider the following home remedies:

1 Cornstarch

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 Cornstarch is one of the greatest baby acne cures because it's easy to come by and can be found in almost any grocery shop. Simply mix it with water and apply it to the affected regions. It dries the skin naturally and does wonder for acne.

2 Breast milk 

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Breast milk is the elixir of life for babies with acne. Place the cotton ball in a bowl of breast milk and dab it in before applying it to the affected region.

3 Talcum Powder 

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Talcum powder is commonly used to treat new born acne and diaper rashes because of its cooling effect and ability to keep skin dry without blocking pores. Always double-check the label to see if the powder's drying ingredient is talc or corn starch. Sprinkle a little amount of talcum powder on your baby's acne-prone face and gently rub it in.

4 Extra Virgin coconut oil

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Organic coconut oil that hasn't been refined or extra virgin coconut oil that hasn't been refined calms and moisturizes your baby's skin. Apply a few drops to the afflicted areas four times each day until the acne disappears. Coconut oil is all-natural and ideal for treating red pimples.

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