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What Could Happen To Your Baby When You Regularly Feed Them Moi-moi Prepared With Nylons

The development of the body systems would start while babies are still in the uterus but persists even after they have been put to bed. It continues like this and grows gradually till such a child attains full maturity as an adult.

This is why there are places you should not expose babies to as it is likely going to affect their development. For instance, over exposing children to ionizing radiation is capable of altering their DNA sequence leading to a deviation from the normal way they should be.


Moi-moi is a healthy and rich source of protein, it is prepared from beans mixed with other ingredients to enhance it's taste and aroma.

This recipe is often prepared with nylon but ideally it should be leaves. An article posted on Thesun has warned against the application of nylons and cellophane bags during the preparation of this delicious meal as it can come with complications which can possibly include developmental problems in babies whose organs and systems are still developing.

The reason for this is attributed to the fact that nylons are capable of producing dioxins when exposed to heat, according to this same article.

An article sited on WHO has also proved that babies with rapidly developing organs are prone to side effects of this substance which includes developmental problems among others.

Thus, children who are grown past the age of milk deserve more solid foods and when moi-moi is to be among such solids for these babies, it should not be one prepared with nylon and rather should be replaced with those delicious ones made with leaves so as not to put these innocent creatures in a risk of having an impairment in any of the organ or systems development.

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