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5 Possible Reasons Why Babies Cry At Night

As babies grow, they cry and this is their common means of communicating and expressing their feelings to their parents, when a baby cries at night it could mean several things, which are very important for every parent to take note of.

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In this article, I'll be sharing 5 possible reasons why babies cry at night:

1. They need their parent's attention

Babies may cry at night because they want their parents close to them. You can pet them by rubbing their back softly.

2. Hunger

Hunger is one of the common reasons babies cry at night. As babies grow, they may wake up several times especially at night when they are hungry.

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3. Their diaper is full

When a baby's diaper is full, they feel cold and this makes them very uncomfortable. You'll notice how some babies become very happy and free when their diaper is changed or removed.

4. They have stomach upset

Babies may also cry at night when they experience stomach upset due to digestive issues like constipation, indigestion etc.

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5. They maybe sick

Babies may also cry when they are sick, this is because of the pain they are experiencing in their body.

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