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5 Medical Reasons Why You Should Never Allow Your Kids To Watch Television Often.

Too much television viewing is harmful to young children who are only emerging from their shells and whose brains are still maturing. TV viewing can be beneficial, and educational programming can help your child learn something new.

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However, if you notice your youngster spending more time in front of the television and is glued to his seat, he or she may be suffering from the consequences of too much screen time. This is to prevent the emergence of any of the following issues in children as a result of excessive screen time.

1. Obesity.

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It's simple to sit in a chair with a bag of snacks in front of the television and watch television. According to specialists, this causes obesity in young children since they spend all of their time eating and watching television rather than engaging in any physical activity.

2. Its Influence on His Behavior.

Because your child's mind is still forming, he will believe everything he sees. If your child is watching content that he should not, he may begin to believe in all of it.

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Furthermore, his thinking has the potential to convert him into an aggressive child, which is something you certainly do not want to happen.

3. Sleepless Nightmares.

There are television channels that show programs with ghosts, monsters, and other frightening visual images.

If your child manages to watch one of these even once, he will have nightmares about it, which will interfere with his sleep and development.

4. Inconsistent sleep patterns.

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If you don't keep track of your child's TV time, it might easily interfere with his sleep. After a long period of frequent screen glancing, your child may find it difficult to sleep, and even if he does, he will be restless and anxious.

5. Effect on the Eyes.

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This is a worry that may develop if your child spends too much time in front of the television. A child requires people with whom to play or share things; TV time deprives him of this. As a result, be certain that this does not happen to your child.


You may help your child grow into a responsible citizen of society by limiting his screen time.


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