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Dear Parents, Declare These Night Prayers For Your Children Before Going To Bed

God's gift of children is priceless. As a result, when life throws them a curve ball, it's natural to be concerned about their futures. But, thank God, we have the privilege of praying for the children we know and love, as well as others around the world who may be going through a tough time.

Please Recite these powerful Prayers for your children before going to bed tonight:-

Today, as we pray these prayers over our children, we ask for your blessing. We thank you for allowing us to have faith in your goodness every day. Ameen

Thank you, Lord. Thank you so much for all of the world's wonderful children. We realize how much they matter to you. We hope you will join us in doing everything we can to protect them and provide them with the best possible start in life. Lord, we bring you all of the excellent work that is being done to lift children out of poverty, and we pray that you bless every pair of hands that works for you. In the name of Almighty God, increase and bless their endeavors. Ameen.

We thank you, Lord, for being in complete charge of all things. I'm hoping you'll look after my child. Maintain their health and assist them in thriving. I'm grateful that you know every strand of their hair. You can predict when they will increase and fall. I pray that you keep an eye on my children in all aspects of their lives and keep them safe, Ameen.

Thank you, God, for giving me the gift of knowledge! I thank you for giving us brains to think about and examine the world around us. I pray that you would assist my children in learning and growing. May they discover their special abilities and gifts. Instill in them a desire to learn about the world around them. Ameen

Lord of the Universe, I am grateful that you are the source of all wonderful blessings. I appreciate the fact that I can put my family's future in your hands. Please assist my child in all of their endeavors. I pray that they are aware of your protection and provision. I pray that their steps are stable. Ameen

God, I am grateful for everything you have given me today. Thank you for my family and friends. Thank you for keeping me safe; I pray that you will assist my children in getting a good night's sleep tonight. I appreciate your compassion and concern for them. AmeenL

Lord, Please send your blessings to this child, whom I adore. Allow her/him to sleep all night long, and may her/his dreams be pure joy. Be by her/his side when she/he wakes up so she/he can sense your love. Please don't let go as he/she grows, so he/she knows you have his/her soul. Ameen

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