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Signs in your baby's bowel that indicate a need for medical attention

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As a new mother, you will spend a lot of time cleaning your baby's poo and urine. You should note that several things influence your baby's poo and wee, including what he eats, what you consume if you're still feeding him, and his overall health. This is why an anomaly in your baby's poo signals that something might be wrong with your baby's health and that you should see a doctor very away.

Here are signs to look out for

1 Not wetting 6 Diapers in a Day

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In babies, a lot of poo and urine is a sign of robust health and it indicates that he is drinking enough water and digesting his food properly but the frequency will decrease as your child grows older. So, if your child is not wetting at least 6 diapers a day, It could be an indication of dehydration.

 2 Pee with a dark color

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When you breastfeed your baby, her urine should be translucent white and odorless. As you gradually incorporate semi-solids and solids into her food, the wee gradually turns yellow and emits a faint odor. However, if your baby's pee is a somewhat darkish tone in shadow, he or she may be dehydrated.

3 Abnormal poop after introducing solid foods

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Anything other than the usual poo signals problems in paradise and the symptoms appear solids are introduced. It's possible that he's not adjusting to the new feeding schedule appropriately or your child is reacting to particular ingredients in the food.

4 Crying while peeing or pooping

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This is a major red flag for both babies and older children because your baby should never experience pain when peeing. It could be an indication of a urinary tract infection if your infant screams out or displays signs of pain when peeing and if he cries while pooping it is constipation.

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