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How stress affects your fertility

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When you are trying to get pregnant, you may constantly hear the advice "Relax" and this can get you thinking whether stress contributes to infertility. While there is no direct link between stress and infertility, significant research shows that depression, anxiety, stress, and infertility are linked and when a couple tries to conceive but fails, their physical and mental stress levels rise.

Stress can make it difficult to conceive because it interferes with the hypothalamus's function. The hypothalamus is a gland in the brain's center that regulates hormones that cause the ovaries to produce eggs.

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Physical effects of stress on your fertility

When the body is agitated, it goes into defense mode and begins to release more hormones in response to the stress and the body prioritizes life preservation which causes a delay in reproduction. Physical stress such as strenuous exercise can have an impact on a woman's menstrual cycle and fertility which makes getting pregnant is difficult and challenging when stress levels are high.

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Mental effects of stress on your fertility

Conception is also founded on an emotional bond between the partners and mental or emotional stress can impact the relationship making you uninterested in sex. When a woman is stressed mentally, she may be incapable of having sex.

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