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3 Reasons Parents Should Never Fight In The Presence Of Their Children

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Children are very sensitive to their environment. They learn from things they see around them, and at the same time these things influence their characters.

Parents having heated arguments or fighting around their children as a lot of negative impact on those children.

Today, I'll be talking about three reasons why parents should never fight in the presence of their children.

Firstly, your child sees you as his / her first role model

A role model is a person whose behavior is emulated by another person. As parents, we should examine our behavior. Is it worthy of emulation? Will you be happy to see your child do the things you do?

Parents should learn not to fight in the presence of their children, so that such bad character will not be imitated by the.

Secondly, they are laying bad example to the child

A child who sees his parent fighting daily might have a wrong impression, thinking that it is the right thing to do. This might affect his relationship with his peers as such is child might begin to get violent with other kids, constantly fighting them without seeing anything wrong in it.

Thirdly, It will have emotional and psychological impact on the child

Whenever parents fight, there is lesser attention on the children for that moment. At times like this, a child might think his parent does not care about him, especially when his certain needs are not met.

As parents, we have a lot of responsibilities to handle. We should therefore try as much as possible to learn to do the right thing, especially in the presence of our children.

May God help us.

Thanks for reading.

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