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Find Out How Unborn Babies Breathe And What They Eat While In Their Mother's Womb

My concern for pregnant women is mostly their health status and the condition of their unborn babies, how do they eat? how do they breathe? what do they eat and what do they breathe? As humans, we breathe in oxygen and we eat a wide range of foods which fetch us lots of important nutrients, but this is not the same for unborn babies, yes, they get fed and they take in oxygen but how is this possible when their lungs aren't functional? Do they even use their mouths till they are born? These are questions you should ponder as you read on.

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Unborn babies depend on their mother for food, the mother needs to eat sufficiently for her baby to feed and develop properly, at some point in pregnancy the placenta steps in and acts as an important link from mother to child and vice versa, this is what helps the feeding breathing and disposal of waste for babies. Going forward I'll be answering the questions above in a detailed manner and this will help you get a wide scope of the feeding of unborn babies.

How do unborn babies eat, what do they eat?

This is pretty basic, according to essential parent, unborn babies take in nutrients or energy in form of carbohydrates, protein, and fat via the placenta, the placenta is a sort of lifeline connection between mother and child, it takes in these nutrients and oxygen by tapping from your blood supply to supply your baby with the necessary nutrients contained in the blood which he/she needs at that point.

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So, unborn babies basically take in nutrients as a way of feeding, this goes a long way to tell pregnant women to eat foods with good nutritional value so that their babies will in turn enjoy the good nutrients or energy as "essential parent" stated.

How do unborn babies breathe?

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This is not so different from what you read earlier, "whattoexpect" says that babies take in oxygen through the placenta, this covers for their breathing throughout the time in their mother's womb. According to "essential parent", your unborn babies lungs is not used for breathing until he/she is born and takes in the first breath, this is to say that throughout the baby's time in the mother's womb he/she depends on the oxygenated blood that comes from their mother through the placenta and umbilical cord, this is how they get breathe (get oxygen).

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Having answered the question above it is clear that the placenta is a very important structure in pregnancy, still, I can't help but wonder what an unborn baby's mouth is used for.

What is the mouth of an unborn baby used for?

Sourcing information from "baby gooroo", babies can taste foods from their mothers by swallowing amniotic fluid as soon as their taste buds start to develop, the first taste bud appears in about 8 weeks of gestation and the baby will be able to fully taste amniotic fluid around 16 weeks (according to whattoexpect), the taste the baby gets used to can affect the foods the baby will like when he/she is born.

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It is clear that unborn babies don't eat rice, beans, garri, and all of those foods that we normally eat.

I hope I was able to satisfy your curiosity with this article, if there's any other question as regards this topic then feel free to ask them via the comment section.

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