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6 Things To Teach Your Son Before He Becomes A Teenager

Learning never ends and lessons must be learned. No matter your age, gender, or experience, there is always going to be something you do not know or are not exposed to and would need the opinions of others. They say experience is the best teacher. Learning well and in time is its reward. 

As a young boy going into his teenage years, relying on your intuition always is not very wise. Truth is that it's going to help you learn but the question is, at what cost? The answer to that is time. No matter how intelligent you are, you are bound to make some life's mistakes. Mistake that you could very easily avoid if you harken to the advice of those who have been in truly similar situations or stages in life. 

The only problem with taking advice from random people is that's people can be deceitful sometimes, and the only people who are never going to deceive you are your parents. As parents, it's important to equip your children, especially your sons with all the knowledge possible to be ready for the world out there. Here are 6 of many other lessons you should teach them.

1. Stay humble, but confident.

Do not worry that you are embarrassing yourself, even if your friends laugh at you. Keep doing what you enjoy doing, as long as it makes you happy. Have fun with everything you do whenever you can. If you want, ax ven you can dance doesn't matter if you’re not the best dancer. No one would even notice whether or not you are a bad dancer, long as you are having fun while at it.

2. Your Siblings May Get You Angry, But Someday, They Will Be Your Best Friends. 

Family is all we have. Like it or not, your brothers and sisters are the only ones who know just what it was like to grow up with the amazing young man that you have turned into. You ought to treat them right. Always stand up for them when they are not around because they wouldn't hesitate to do the same for you.

3. Be Content. 

Wishing for what others have is a total waste of time. If you want it so bad, then work for it. Remember where you came from, remember all you have been taught. There will be things that you want, things that we just can’t or won’t get for you. You might just have to make do with what you have. My prayer for you is that you learn to be truly grateful for what God has given you as you get older. Remember always, a grateful heart is a happy one.

4. Don't succumb to peer pressure

There will be times when you will feel pressured to do things that seem dangerous, or choices that you know are just morally poor. Nobody is above mistake, but I beg of you to stop for a moment and think before you do anything that just seems wrong. In times of uncertainties and deceitful choices, try to ask yourself questions like “what would my Jesus do?". Always pray to God for guidance.

5. Trust your instincts

Always trust your instincts. Believe in yourself. Believe that you can make rational decisions by yourself. Whenever you want to do something and it feels like you shouldn’t be doing it, then drop whatever it might be, chances are that it's not a good idea. I hope the day never comes when your friends make you do other disobedient acts other than staying up late.

6. Be confident

Learn to stand up for yourself because nobody is going to do that for you. Push your luck, and if you don't get it right. You will at least feel better in the end, knowing you did your bit than sitting back and not doing anything. When in public places try not to look nervous. Even when you get a little nervous the little you can do is try not to let it show.

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