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Effects of Broken Homes on Children

It is quite advisable that when you want to get married, you marry someone you’re truly in love with, properly understands and in a good emotional connection with. Love alone cannot be the only reason of being in a relationship or getting married, there has to be other factors that must be considered. The increasing number of broken homes in the country is having its bad effect on the children. 

When we say broken home, it simply means a situation in a marriage where the husband and wife decides to separate. Sometimes this separation leaves this children negatively affected. Here are some of the effect. 

1- Lack of proper home training

Marriages that break too early end up leaving the children neglected in various ways. Situations where a parent is needed for the child and can’t be found ends up demoralizing the child. There will not be any parent to teach the child the basic things required of them. Sometimes the children end up with one parent and no matter how we try to see it, the importance of both parent to a child cannot be overemphasized.These children might end up growing without any basic knowledge of ethics. Many of them find comfort outside their homes and end up learning anything they are taught out there and this has increased the number of children in the streets and the street is not a place to learn good manners obviously.

2- Lack of some basic educational skills 

Many young people today have a lot of dreams. Many youth want to achieve a lot and get the best of education. In a family where the level of living is actually low, a broken home could hinder the children’s opportunities of gaining some basic educational skills that would help them achieve their goals. Most times this children end up not going to school at all especially when the parents means of income was below average. The effect on the children is actually high because this children without basic education ends up in the street roaming around and finally losing interest totally in school.

3- Life becomes a struggle for the children 

In most families, especially families below average, a broken home makes life so hard for the children. A child who starts to take care of his/her from a very young age without any parental backing ends up living a life of struggles. That is why we have a lot of children roaming the streets rather than being in the classroom. It’s not basically only broken homes that makes the number of children in the street high but I’m basically trying to point the fact that broken homes also have a hand in that. We have situations of children as young as 10 years doing jobs not their age just to survive. This has made the number of homeless youth in Nigeria go high. Most youth of today don’t even have a place to call home basically because they have parents who really don’t care.

4- Affects the level of thinking of a child 

A child who starts to struggle at a young age tends not to care so much about things they never understood because they are not even interested in things they don’t know and never willing to accept they are wrong for things they are corrected for. Most times children from broken homes grow up to be arrogant and in many cases of the female child, they find it hard to be submissive to a man. A girl child who starts to work at a very young age and take care of herself will certainly not want a man to tell her what to do. This characters are hard to change and it might go with them to marriage and have a bad effect on them.

5- Wrong impression about marriage 

When a child grows up and survives the struggles of broken homes, they end up having a wrong impression about marriage. Most of them decides not to get married and some marry simply because they just want kids and nothing else. It takes a few who end up being properly exposed to reality to understand the errors of their parents and decide to do better. 

These is just a few of many effects broken homes can have on a child. It is advisable that we get married for the right reasons in other not to bring children into this world to suffer things they know nothing about.

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