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Do you remember the woman who gave birth at 66? This is how their life turned out 15 years later

As of today, the oldest woman to ever give birth is an Indian woman, who was already 70 years old when her baby was born. But our story today won’t be about her, but rather about a completely different person - a great mother, who in addition to having given birth at 66, had to endure many unpleasant situations along the way. She had to deal with the unflattering opinions of others and to fight against all those who told her that it was simply impossible. Pictures of this elderly mother and her child instantly spread on the Internet, stirring up emotions in millions of people. And today we’ll get to see how this story continued, and how this family’s life turned out many years later.

Adriana Iliescu is a retired Romanian university lecturer and author of children's novels. She received international media attention in 2005, when she gave birth to daughter Eliza at age 66. When she was pregnant her relatives and people she barely knew kept telling her to abort the pregnancy, because her body couldn't handle the pregnancy but she didn't. luckily in 2005 she gave birth to a completely healthy child. She had to work to support her daughter even though she was already 66 but that wasn’t a problem as she kept pushing on. Not everyone could handle this kind of pressure but she didn't give up.

15 years have passed since her daughter was born, and the girl is very beautiful today she is healthier than many of her peers. She is active, sweet, and also very cheerful. Even in her teen age the daughter isn't ashamed of having an elderly woman as a mother. And she still spends a lot of time with her mother because she understands that her mom is her closest and most dear person in the whole world.Meanwhile Adriana dreams to see the day when her baby gets married then she can be at peace. Since as you know her mother is already 81 years old now lets hope dreams come true. And she won't only just gets to marry off her own daughter, but will also get to meet her grandchildren. Here are cute photos of the mother and daughter living life happily:

Natures miracles can be truly surprising at times, it will seems like having children at over 60 years old is way too late, but Adriana proved that nothing is impossible. Many people condemned the woman saying at this age she risks leaving her own daughter without parents early in life, but Adriana still enjoys each day of her life and doesn't pay attention to anyone's opinion. So that's the story how do you personally feel about this situation/ Did you like the story? Let us know in the comment section below.



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