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Why your baby cries while pooping

Change is difficult for anyone, but it's even more difficult for an infant to deal with. An infant is constantly changing and adapting to the changes in his environment. While certain activities, including feeding and sleeping, are simple for your baby to learn and adjust to, others may be difficult or painful for him.

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If your child is unable to poop comfortably or frequently cry when doing so, it could lead to worry. However, there is no need for concern because there could be a few reasons why your child is unable to excrete and they includes;

1 Constipation

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Babies experience constipation from time to time and this could make pooping extremely difficult and painful for them. Keep an eye on your child's stools to make sure they aren't excessively solid or dry and if they are, it is constipation. Increase his daily fluid intake to combat this problem. This will aid in the digesting process as well as soften his feces.

2 Gas trouble

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 Excessive air intake while crying, hyper-lactation syndrome, gastrointestinal illnesses, and inability to digest breastmilk can all cause gas difficulties in an infant. It is possible to reduce gassiness by ensuring that your infant burps after each meal or massaging your baby's tummy to get rid of any excess air.

3 Incomplete coordination

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The body of a baby takes time to adapt to the stimuli it is exposed to and this includes the pooping process as well. Pooping in certain situations might be uncomfortable for some children. If a child is lying down, for example, they may need to engage more abdominal muscles and exert more strength than usual. This can make the baby feel uneasy and deplete his energy levels.

4 Attention

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This may appear odd. However, it is typical for babies to 'fake cry' to get their parents' attention. If your child stops weeping or smiles when you look at him, there's a strong likelihood he was sobbing to attract your attention. If this is the case, you might try to calm your child down with hugs and encouraging words from time to time.

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