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While I Was Wailing Over My Child, They Were Busy Tying Up Their Own Ends-Mum Of Late Chrisland Girl

According to recent reports, Mrs Adeniran, the mother of the late Chrisland student Whitney Adeniran, has just allegedly revealed that the school is demanding a fresh autopsy after the girl’s burial. She took to social media in response to a tribute post in honor of her daughter by saying, and quote,

"Thank you so much sis. Am indeed grateful for this. Let them tell me why they treated my daughter like she was a chicken. Why was I not called? I was right there at that stadium. Why was there no emergency call for a doctor or qualified medical personnel, they just quietly bundled her out of the stadium and continued with the program. Why did they first go to make a report at the police station first before coming to the 'hospital'. While I was wailing over my child, they were busy tying up their own ends. Let them tell us why they lack empathy so much, why their reputation was way more important than a human life."

"Up till this moment, not for once has CHRISLAND told me; we're sorry this happened under our watch'. All they've said is 'we came to commiser- ate with you, we're here to say sorry for your loss, we offer our condolences' bla bla bla. Not for once have they taken responsibility in any form or manner Why do they want another autopsy, after she's been buried? They also had their own pathologist there, lagos state also sent a pathologist, why the dispute over the conclusive result? CHRISLAND, WE HAVE QUESTIONS!"

Take a look at the screenshot of her post from instagram below.

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