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Pregnancy period

Fertility: Importance of vitex

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Vitex is a herb that has been used to treat hormone imbalances and increase fertility since ancient times and it is also known as chasteberry. It is used to treat depression, mood changes, cramps, water retention, weight gain, and other symptoms connected with the menstrual cycle.

Vitex stimulates the production of progesterone by increasing luteinizing hormone and inhibiting the release of follicle stimulating hormone which raises the odds of becoming pregnant and maintaining the pregnancy.

Importance of adding of vitex to your diet

1 Increases the amount of progesterone in the body

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Vitex helps in boosting the luteinizing hormone which is responsible for inducing ovulation. It also help optimize progesterone levels and prepare you for pregnancy and increase the corpus luteum formation.

2 Short Cycles are Lengthened

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The luteal phase is the second half of the menstrual cycle and progesterone production is boosted during this period and since vitex improves progesterone levels, it helps lengthens the menstrual cycles.

3 Regulates prolactin

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High levels of prolactin can cause hyperprolactinemia which can make it difficult to conceive. Vitex contains antioxidants that help in reducing the amount of prolactin produced in the body increasing your chances of becoming pregnant.

4 Reduces cysts

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Vitex has anti inflammatory properties that helps reduce swelling in the uterus and ovaries which in turn works effectively for women who are prone to uncomfortable fibroids and cysts.

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