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Ladies, checkout the causes of Caserean section and preventive measures.

Going through C-section can be painful both during birth and after birth. But, have it in mind dear reader that going through C-section isn't bad and it isn't a sin either. All you need to do is pray that you and your baby survives it, I mean, both of you making it alive as pregnancy can be life threatening sometimes.

There are several things to do as a pregnant mother in order to avoid C-Section. But before these, you have to know what actually makes your doctor suggest you go through Cesarean Section shortened as C-Section.

What are those things that causes it?

1. Prolonged labour: When you spend much time in labour, and the baby seems not to be pulling out, your doctor suggests a Cesarean Section to save both lives.

2. Repeated C-sections: When you always give birth through C-section, your body system becomes used to it. The cervical bones that is supposed to widen apart will not do so. It relaxes.

3. Lack of exercise: Pregnant women are advised to always exercise. Exercise does so much good to you and your baby, preparing you both for a normal and safe delivery.

How then can you prevent Cesarean Section? You should know it's the reverse of what causes it.

Exercise regularly

Eat much fruits and vegetables.

Attend anti-natal classes during your first, second and third trimesters. Don't skip classes.

Don't stay hungry for long. Always remember to drink reasonable amount of water as it keeps you and your baby hydrated.

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