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Meet The 4 Years Old Child Who Looks Like A Grandpa

A lot of sicknesses exist in the world today, but very peculiar to African people.

For instance, a forty years old Chinese man whose face looks like a boy of 10 years old. A lot of people suffer from different syndromes in this world, particularly in India.


There is a boy in Bangladesh know as Bayezid Hossain, he appears to be very old, but he's only 4 years old.

If you browse through his pictures, you will think he's a very old man, due to his facial expressions, and the structure of his body. Unfortunately, his age is only 4 years.

He's experiencing a syndrome known as Progeria. It's a strange syndrome that makes a child to quickly look old.

It is an uncommon syndrome, few infants all over the world experience this disorder.

When the parents of Bayezid gave birth to him, they noticed that he was so brilliant more than his mates, but he was likewise growing older quickly more than his age mates.

He already had the body structure of 84 years old man, while he is just four years old. It has affected his skin, the strength of his body, and his heart.

Most infants who experience Progeria likely do not live beyond 18 years, since it will be like they are 200 years old already at 18 years old.

Bayezid's mum was sad, when she found out that her son was experiencing this syndrome.

Moreover, it's very painful that this syndrome is somehow incurable. Although, physicians are researching to find out, maybe they can come up with a drug that can slow down the pace of aging.

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