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How To Resume S3xual Intimacy After Childbirth: 5 Tips To Consider

When it comes to resuming sexual life after childbirth, the popular "quarantine" is always a recurring measure. However, the 40-day period is not the same for all women.

In the same way that the experience of a pregnancy varies from case to case, the return to the usual libido does not have established rules. For this reason, an expert in women's health on clevelandclinic portal, shared a series of recommendations for mothers who have just given birth.

Taking into account the form of delivery and the complications derived from it, the recommended 40 days of waiting could be prolonged. Below are helpful tips new moms should follow and be aware of what's happening around them. The first tip to consider is:

1. Don't push your body

A birth is not just anything, and beyond the period of rest, you must take into account the sensitivity of your pelvic area.

If you had a C-section or a tear in the vaginal area, don't even dream that 40 days of "pause" will be enough. Your recovery comes first.

2. Don't forget your contraceptives

Keep this in mind when getting intimate again, especially if you don't want to have another child in the home any time soon. Check with your doctor about your hormone levels to choose your best contraceptive option.

3. Moderate pain is normal

The hormonal changes you've been through can lead to vaginal dryness, especially if you're breastfeeding. This of course can make resuming your intimacy very painful.

You can prepare ahead of time with a water-based lubricant, or by taking hot baths and emptying your bladder as much as possible before intercourse.

4. Prepare to feel different

The pelvic muscles may have become inflamed at the time of delivery, so when you resume sexual intercourse, you may feel something completely different from what you remember, even if you don't know how to describe it.

Don't worry, everything will return to normal in time. Meanwhile, you can try Kegel exercises to regain some strength in the area.  

5. You May Not Be Interested In Sex, and that Okay.

Intimacy is not just about sex: couples must find other ways to show love and attachment outside of it.

If you are very tired and anxious, give yourself your time and don't let anything pressure you. If after a few months these feelings persist and begin to affect you beyond the physical level, then do consult a specialist.

Remember: the arrival of a baby is not easy and changes the whole routine perspective, but you will be fine. Give yourself time, continually check your health, and enjoy your facet as a mom.

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