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Baby first hair cut: tips to make it easy

Photo Credit: You are mom

Babies can be born with a full head of hair or as bald as a ball because each child is unique So, even if your child isn't overjoyed about the prospect of getting his or her first haircut, it's a huge event. There is no single optimal moment for a baby's first haircut, it all depends on the child. You'll need to take him to the salon if the hair gets into his eyes and irritates him frequently or the pace of hair growth is not uniform. However, in some situations, you have to cut your baby's hair due to religious beliefs.

Here are tips to make it very easy

1 Maintain your child's comfort

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This should be your top priority at all times, including when you're in the hair salon. Some children may refuse to wear the cape during the haircut and if this is the case, simply discard it because it is important to make your child as comfortable as possible so that the first hair-cutting ceremony goes off without a hitch.

2 Hold him

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Haircutting can be a distressing experience for some children and in such cases, no amount of toys or snacks will keep your child entertained. You may hold him while he gets his hair cut so that he feels more at peace with the procedure.

3 Breaks

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Your priority should not be to complete the process as rapidly as possible. You should take a few breaks in between to ensure that your child does not become too agitated by the experience. You can simply hold him during this time to help him relax and stop panicking.

4 No force

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It is usual for children to be wriggly or squirmy because your child does not feel safe in his surroundings and is attempting to communicate his unease to you. In such cases, you should not respond by attempting to hold him down with even more force. This not only increases resistance, and is also possibly harmful because a sudden movement or a brief time when your guard is down can result in cuts and bruises.

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