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Top 6 Factors That Affects A Woman's Fertility

Fertility issues are becoming a common problem in Nigeria today. This is why it became imperative to carry out a research to unravel the factors that affect fertility in women.

Cases of infertility among couples should not always be blamed on women as the problem could come from either party. However we want to highlight some factors that may affect fertility among women.

1. Age.

Age is the greatest factor affecting fertility among women. According to scientists, a young lady grows up with one hundred percent of eggs available for fertilization but these eggs reduces both in quantity and quality as she ages..

2. Genetics.

Another factor that play an important role in fertility is genetics. Many human traits are inherited from parents , so is fertility. Some of the things that happened to our parents are also passed to us through our genes.

3. Hormones.

Hormones are chemical messengers for the body. They play a major role in fertility. Every lady should be very careful with anything that is capable of affecting or causing an imbalance in her hormones.

4. Timing and frequency of intercourse.

Fertility of a woman also have something to do with her male partner since she cannot get pregnant alone. Women have a menstrual circle and time of ovulation which plays an important role in their fertility.

Proper timing of intercourse or having it frequently is important for couples seeking to make babies.

5. Lifestyle Factors.

Lifestyle factors such as what you eat, drink or smoke and your weight all play an important role in fertility.

Smoking could cause infertility. Being overweight also reduces a person's chances of getting pregnant. Lack of exercise is not good for fertility. Too much exercise may also be dangerous. .It is necessary to be active and to be doing moderate exercise.

Too much consumption of alcohol many also affect a woman's fertility.

6. Structural problems.

Structural problems such as having problems in your fallopian tube, ovaries or womb could also be a very serious problem. Some of these problems may have to do with previous surgeries or infections.

Conclusion: To enhance the rate of your fertility, women should marry on time if they have the opportunity and take good care of their body.

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