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Pregnancy period

3 Things Women Should Avoid During Pregnancy

Menstruation is additionally acknowledged as a period that takes place when blood and tissue from the womb of a female come out via the vagina. It generally occurs on a month-to-month basis.

Menstruation usually begins between the ages of eleven and fourteen and continues till menopause at about age fifty-one. They commonly last for three to five days.

Besides the emission of blood from the womb via the vagina, different signs of menstruation include:

• Abdominal or pelvic pain.

• Lower back pain.

• Bloating and sore breasts.

• Food cravings.

• Mood swings and irritability.

• Headache and fatigue.

Some Of The Things Women Should Do Away With During Menstruation Include.

1. Avoid smoking

Cigarette smoking can lead to the shortening of your menstrual cycle. Women who smoke excessively are additionally extra probably to have painful periods.

2. Do not put on a pad for too long

Failure to change your pads often (at least 6-8 hours intervals), you are a good deal extra inclined to go through rashes and vaginal yeast infections with the aspect impact of awful odor.

3. Avoid alcohol intake

Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to irregular menstrual cycles. Alcohol briefly makes estrogen and testosterone ranges rise, which can also disrupt regular hormonal fluctuations that are fundamental for ovulation. As a result, your periods can also end up irregular.

Ladies, make sure to keep away from these things for your health's sake.

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