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Pregnancy period

Why you have dark circles during pregnancy

Photo Credit: SkinKraft

Pregnancy comes with lots of changing and glowing skin is one of them. However, some women may frequently experience dark circles beneath their eyes. If you've seen dark circles during your term, be rest assured that there are treatments available to help you get rid of them.

Here are reasons why you have dark circles during pregnancy

1 Lack of sleep

Photo Credit: Self

When the skin lacks sleep it takes time to recuperate and rebuild itself and this causes stress to the eyes, resulting in dark circles under them. If you start noticing dark circles under your eyes during pregnancy it means you are not getting enough sleep.

2 Lack of Exercise

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Exercise aids in the delivery of adequate oxygen to the body. The blood of a healthy person is usually bright crimson and when oxygen production is inhibited due to lack of exercise the blood turns bluish-black resulting in dark spots on the skin.

3 Water Retention

Photo Credit: Verywell

When water retention occurs under the eyes the accumulation of water under the eyes may lead to inflammation which can lead to blood collection in the affected areas and cause dark circles to form under the inflamed eyes.

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