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2 Nigerian Mum Who Gave Birth to White Babies


Catherine Howarth Stunned doctors in 2014 when she gave birth to two white children.

Catherine of Nigerian heritage is aged 34 as at that time while her husband Richard, 37, is white. Explanations doctor could gave was that Catherine has a dormant white gene that her family have carried throughout the generations, which has resulted in the white kids she gave birth to.

The couple planned on getting more children but doctors said the likelihood of having another white child could be impossible


The woman gave birth to a white baby named Nmachi who is a blond, blue eyed white baby. This baby is born to two black Nigerian immigrant parents at a London hospital.

The father said We both just sat there after the birth staring at her for ages not saying anything. When she was born. The father after different talks from people said the baby is his and that his wife is true to him.

Genetic experts later offered three theories to this:

1.Could be as gene mutation which the baby could passed to her children.

2.Product of long dormant white genes, passed on to her by her parents, which might have been carried by their predecessors for ages without surfacing until now

3.Mutated version of the genetic condition that is over time, her skin may darken

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