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Here are 50 Baby Girl Names, You can Call Your New Born Baby Girl

There is no exaggeration when I say having a child is one of the sweetest things in the life of any parent. It makes them feel special and loved in every way. Either if it is a boy or a girl, they are all cherished and loved.

As a parent, one of the special gifts you will give to a child is giving him or her a name that truly fits the child. So I have researched and come up with 50 baby girl names you can call your baby girl.

1. Olivia

2. Emma

3. Ava

4. Sophie

5. Isabella

6. Jessica

7. Elizabeth

8. Lizzy

9. Precious

10. Flavour

11. Esther

12. Vivian

13. Maria

14. Mary

15. Miriam

16. Rosemary

17. Vera

18. Hope

19. Emily

20. Camila

21. Scarlett

22. Victoria

23. Lily

24. Violent

25. Lilian

26. Evelyn

27. Lucy

28. Bella

29. Nova

30. Naomi

31. Ruby

32. Alice

33. Hailey

34. Gabriella

35. Allison

36. Sharon

37. Piper

38. Ada

39. Lydia

40. Lydia

41. Angela

42. Angelica

43. Bianca

44. Bridget

45. Brooke

46. Catherine

47. Christina

48. Dana

49. Daniella

50. Diana

There are other names you can find on the internet, but these are just but a few. Look into these names and find out, if you can see the one to give your baby girl.

Content created and supplied by: EruditeTutor (via Opera News )

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