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VIDEO: See How This Mother Carried Her Child On The Bike That Sparked Reactions

I am sorry for some mothers because their behaviours usually make me to hate them and unfortunately for them, their children hate them because of their wickedness. Some mothers are so heartless that they don't even think of what will become of the child in the future. If the child should become successful, he/she might retaliate by neglecting the mother and people will think that the child is irresponsible not knowing that the mother caused it.

A video was uploaded online showing the wicked moment a mother decide to endanger the life of her child by carrying her in a dangerous way on a bike. This sparked different reactions and some suggested that the child might be her stepdaughter and kit her biological daughter. In the video, someone could be heard advising her that she should carry the child very well but she answered that the person should come and carry the child which shows that the mother is really wicked. See photos of how she carried her child on the bike:

See how people reacted to the video:

Click this link to watch the video:

What can you say about this? Is this a good mother?

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